The installation is easy and takes less than one hour. You use the same 240V wiring as baseboard heaters.

Electrical connection

The electrical wiring must be placed in a wall junction box (1) centered with the heater’s width. For a heater installed at 6″ above the floor, the bottom of the junction box must be at 6 1/2 above the floor, so the top of the junction box should be at 9 1/2 above the floor. If the heater is installed at less than 6″ above the floor, lower the junction box proportionnally. Connect the heater wire to the main (2) and place the cover (attached to the heater’s wire) on the junction box (3).

Wall installation

For the recommended spacing of 15 cm (6’’) below the heater, use the bracket as a template for marking. Place the bracket on the ground and use the two markers (x) of step (4). Pull up the bracket so that the marks (x) coincide with holes at the bottom of the bracket (5). Check the horizontality of the bracket. Fix the bracket with 6 screws and then install the radiator on the bracket (6). Lock the radiator with the bolts using a screwdriver. The installation is discreet.

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