The programmer is an option. It simply fits beside the radiator’s control panel. It allows to automatically manage daily settings from comfort to economy. It can also manage other radiators if they are connected by a pilot wire. Another programmer model uses “power carrier” technology. It communicates with multiple radiators over the existing electrical home wiring, removing the need to connect your radiators by a pilot wire. This solution is preferred in minor renovation cases. Programming controls radiator settings according to the chosen schedule. For example, no one is home from Monday through Friday from 7am to 5:30pm. Schedule it. Automatically, during these hours, it will turn all your radiators in economy mode and return it to the comfort mode when you return home. Set it according to your needs, your instructions are followed to the letter. Comfort and economy mode temperature settings are set independently on each radiator. This means your living room can be at 22 ° C in comfort and at 19 ° C in economy while your room is set at 20 ° C in comfort and at 18 ° C in economy. Each room will retain its own temperature settings.  Zones within the home In a home, several rooms can be selected to form a group called “zones” since they are used at the same period of time. For instance, the rooms used during the daytime (living room, dining room and kitchen for example) could be the “day zone”. Similarly, the bedrooms could be the “night zone”. Thus each room can be a part of a zone but nevertheless keeps its own temperature (since the thermostat is built in the radiator) and is managed by the programmer.