2 elements


Two complementary heating elements

All Ecotherm radiators provide an excellent comfort and heat quickly due to their innovative system that combines 2 types of radiant elements managed by a highly accurate electronic thermostat.

The first element is a surface element located just behind the front panel. It is very reactive as it adapts quickly to your heating needs. It heats the front panel which then radiates softly. This element is ideal for the autumn chills. You will get the best comfort as soon as the temperature drops. The second element is a thick plate of solid cast iron in the heart of the radiator. When the cold intensifies, the second element comes in reinforcement with all its power to ensure your comfort. Its radiant heat provides a soft warmth. The thermal mass of the cast iron element allows the radiator to store the heat in order to gradually diffuse it. Therefore the temperature is always stable and homogeneous even on the coldest days.