Let’s compare


Baseboards and convection heaters Ecotherm radiators
They only heat the ambiant air, that’s all. They do not use radiant heat nor thermal mass. Thanks to their radiant heat, they heat directly the people and the environment of the room. The thermal mass used spreads a constant warmth.
Makes the air more or less dry. The air remains healthy and pleasant to breathe.
Large temperature difference between the floor and ceiling because of the air movements generated by the convection principle. A much more constant and stable temperature throughout the room.
They heat by intermittent cycles, so temperature fluctuates. They gradually diffuse the heat through the thermal mass, providing a constant temperature.
The air is aggressively heated Provide a gentle and enveloping heat.
Energy is wasted due to excessive amount of heat going to the ceiling. Important savings. Radiant heat avoids the cost of sending a lot of heat to the ceiling for nothing. Many clients have lowered their temperatures by 2 to 3 °C and are much more comfortable.
The floors remain cold. The radiant heat even heats the floors. No more cold feet!