It is more expensive than a convection heater!

This is true! But it is also true that a convector will never provide you with the same level of comfort. The method of heating is different. A convector, like an electric baseboard, heats by convection. Of course one is better than the other, but both use the same principle: they only heat the air. For the best comfort, opt for the combination of radiant heat and thermal mass, it is the principle of the sun! Ecotherm is the best in that category, as well it’s the least expensive and the easiest to install.

I am hesitating between Ecotherm and a floor heating system.

Floor heating systems are very good. Ecotherm brings the same comfort and has the advantage of being more affordable, but also much easier and quicker to install. Unlike floor heating systems, in the unlikely case of a failure, our radiators are easily repaired without making any damages to the room. Also hardwood floors may be damaged by in-floor heating.

I have a cathedral ceiling. Will I be comfortable?

Yes. You’ll be just as comfortable. Convection heaters have a difficult time with high ceilings as heated air accumulates up there. The soft radiant heat of Ecotherm will reach you anywhere in the room.


Is it economical?

Yes. Radiant heat avoids the cost of sending hot air to the ceiling, where it accumulates uselessly. Furthermore, with radiant heating you will be surprised to see that you are more comfortable while heating less. On average, our clients have lowered their temperature by 1 to 3°C (2 to 5°F) and are very satisfied with the result.

Tell me more about the Ecotherm company.

Ecotherm was established in Canada in 2001. Ecotherm has links with the Muller Group and Convectair, the leaders in European and Canadian electrical heating brands. These alliances allow us to offer an even more efficient radiator that provides the excellent heating comfort which has made our reputation. Our radiators carry a 5-year warranty provided by numerous Convectair service centres.

Our advisers will be pleased to assist you, to calculate your needs (even from blueprints) and to submit an estimate. This is a free service, with no obligation, carried out by specially trained professionals.