The Ecotherm radiant heat allows to lower the temperature by 2 to 3 °C while providing a much better comfort than convection heating. This is explained by the fact that radiant heat, just like the sun, warms people directly. It is thus not necessary to overheat the air. You heat less and you are more comfortable.

The reason baseboards and convectors waste energy is they overheat the air very, making the hot air rise directly to the ceiling where it accumulates. This causes unnecessary usage of electricity since this heat serves no one. Ecotherm radiators do not work the same way. Their soft and warm radiant heat provides a constant and comfortable temperature. No more wasted energy and overconsumption of electricity.

Ecotherm’s ultra-precise electronic thermostat can be set to one-tenth of a degree to provide you with the best comfort and to allow your consumption to be the closest to your needs. There are no more temperature variations and savings are optimized.

For even more savings, opt for the programmer. This will allow you to lower the temperature in some rooms when they are not occupied, such as living room, dining room and kitchen at night.

Did you know?

Compared to central systems, Ecotherm radiators allow energy savings while increasing your comfort. No need for the single thermostat that controls the whole house since each Ecotherm radiator has its own built-in thermostat for an ideal temperature for each room in the house. You can also lower the temperature in some rooms when unoccupied (such as living room, dining room and kitchen at night) and keep the occupied rooms to your comfort. Oil furnaces are not 100% effective since part of the heat is released in the combustion fumes while 100% of the electricity consumed by Ecotherm is released as heat. There is no loss, consumption is optimized.