The keys to comfort


In term of heating, here are the 5 keys to comfort

The first reflex to improve comfort is to raise or lower the temperature, but this does not solve all problems.

Contrary to popular belief, comfort in heating does not depend only on the air temperature. There are 5 parameters which are essential, and if not met, are a source of discomfort.

1- Having the right temperature

The adjustment of the temperature depends on the sensitivity of each individual and the usage of the room. For example, it is common to find that the temperature in the bedroom is lower than that of the living room.

2- The temperature has to remain stable

In other words, it does not fluctuate. The human body is sensitive to variation in temperature and with only 1°C more or less in temperature difference it can give you a feeling of hot or cold.

3- Same temperature throughout the room

Comfort is also having the same temperature throughout the room, whether it’s in the middle of the room or elsewhere, whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, it’s just as comfortable.

4- The floors are also heated, not just the air

Most systems simply heat the air and the rest of the area stays cold. You need a system that directly warms the occupants of the house as well as the walls, the furniture and the floors.

5- Keeps the air fresh, does not dry it out

Air must be pleasant to breathe. However, some heating systems can make the air dry.

It’s only by improving these 5 keys that you’ll be truly comfortable and that’s when you will achieve total comfort in terms of your heating. You will even forget it’s cold outside!